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ÒLAH BLISS Hooks Us with Latest Stunner "Death Wish (Hate Me)"

While this is the first time that we have shared ÒLAH BLISS on site, to be honest, this is the first time we have heard of her and it's got me feeling like I've been left out until now. When the Poland born, London based singer/songwriter landed in our inbox with her new release, "Death Wish (Hate Me)", it didn't take long before we were hooked.

While her new two-part single doesn't follow conventional song structure, that is a factor that we at RDFO always appreciate. A willingness to take risk and stray from the norm are always good qualities to have as an artist, and ÒLAH BLISS brings all that and a whole lot more. With a gritty yet soaring voice, impeccable melodies and lyrics that cut deep, she is without a doubt one of our new favorite finds and we can't wait to hear more of what she has in the works. On, "Death Wish (Hate Me)", ÒLAH BLISS digs deep and delivers a stunning performance that leaves you with no doubt that this song comes straight from the heart. The transformative song begins with energetic and moody, "Death Wish", before eventually fading perfectly into the tunes part-two, "Hate Me". Perfectly crafted to make maximum impact, her sound feels familiar enough to get you hooked while also bringing a hell of a lot of originality that ensures this one stands out from the pack.

About the release ÒLAH BLISS says, "Death Wish (Hate Me) is a very personal piece of art consisting of two parts. Part A - Death Wish - a mere reflection of the past and teenage mistakes in a form of a self analysis. I'm digging deeper, questioning whether my upbringing affected me as an adult, particularly my choice of partners, as I always find myself in impossible situations. Part B - Hate Me - is an emotional release, I'm taking my life into my own hands and putting my wants and needs first; I'm choosing to re-direct the love that I've placed in people, back into myself where it belongs, whilst learning that self-respect, happiness and the understanding of my worth are way more important than feelings that I might have for other people."

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