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Önnu Jónu Son walks on his own with single“Big Boy Boots”

Since his departure from Twitter earlier this year, it's evident that Son has poured his heart and soul into his music, and this single is a testament to his unwavering dedication and creative prowess. Önnu Jónu Son's latest release, "Big Boy Boots" is a raw and emotionally charged ballad that showcases his deeply personal storytelling. As a preview of his upcoming album, "The Radio Won't Let Me Sleep" delves into the artist's own experiences and reflects on the loss of his mother during his formative years. The song takes the form of an imagined letter from a parent to a child, and leaves us with a a poignant and cathartic exploration of grief, acceptance, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Önnu Jónu Son is the stage name of Haraldur Thorleifsson. Haraldur was active in the Icelandic music scene in the late 90s but took an extended hiatus from music to focus on his alcoholism, followed by a career as a designer, ultimately selling his design agency Ueno to Twitter in 2021.

The name Önnu Jónu Son is a reference to his mother, who he lost when he was eleven years old. Haraldur has struggled with finding a path forward and finding confidence in himself as an artist and a performer. By wearing his mothers name he was able to user her memory, love, support and nurture as protection from any self doubt or fear of external criticism.

Haraldur was born and raised in Iceland. He founded creative agency Ueno in 2014 and sold it to Twitter in 2021. In 2021 he founded Ramp up Iceland, an initiative to build 1500 wheelchair ramps in Iceland. In 2022 he founded Hafnarhaus, the largest co-working space for creative people in Iceland. He started a restaurant, bar and cinema called Anna Jóna in 2023. He has won multiple awards as a designer and creative, he was given the Order of the Falcon, the Icelandic medal of chivalry from the , he was named Business Man of the Year in Iceland in 2019, and he was Person of the Year in Iceland in 2022.

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