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Abby Robertson Reveals New Single ‘You Should Know’

20 year old Abby Robertson has spent nearly her whole life immersed in music.  The talented young singer/songwriter, musician, composer has already made some major strides as a solo artist – between landing performances at Sonrise Music Festival, Risefest, Big Ticket and Life Light Music Festival as well as gigging internationally, she continues to pen and release emotive, relatable tunes that have no doubt touched the masses.  

Hoping to become a voice of integrity and transformation for younger generations, Abby Robertson only began to release her original works commercially just last year.  After a string of well received singles, it seems she has found her sound and is showing no sign of letting up.  Her latest offering, “You Should Know”, is the story of lost love – lost to the hands of someone who was once considered a trusted friend.

While the production finds the perfect balance between acoustic and electronic elements, Abby Robertson delivers a somber yet hopeful, energetic performance that help to drive the lyrics home.  Developing over time, the anthemic Pop jam opens with a bit of self-reflection and bad blood, but as the tune goes on you can hear the healing process begin to take place.  

The commercial new release helps to not only show what Abby Robertson is made of, but also, that she has her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the scene – and she executes it perfectly.  Do yourself a favor and give this one a spin. 

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