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Abhi The Nomad Continues to Drop Gems

The nomadic one, Abhi The Nomad is back once again with a new bop.

Carving out a lane of his own, Abhi has spent years releasing highly captivating Indie jams for his ravenous fan base.  His latest offering comes in the form of, “Mama Bling“, the final single off of his upcoming 12-track debut album, “Marbled“, which is due out this fall.

Following hot on the heels of the first 2 singles from the album, “Mama Bling“, sees Abhi going back to his Hip-Hop roots and spitting slick rhymes over a self-produced Indie inspired production.  Vibrant keys and rich guitar riffs play together in perfect harmony beneath his energetic vocal performance.  Throughout the track, the production is peppered with new elements (organ, synths, vibraphones, etc.) helping the song to develop overtime and keep the listener glued.

The single comes a long with a lyric video created by Ulysses Productions who creates an animated world for the track to live in.  With the use of some vintage cartoon clips and comic book like blurbs, the visuals and song work together to create something super fresh.

Do yourself a favor and check out his last 2 singles/videos to get a full taste of what’s on its way in, “Marbled”.

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