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Abhi The Nomad Drops Debut Album ‘Marbled’

Prolific underground artist Abhi The Nomad just released his debut album, “Marbled“, and it in my mind, already a contender for album of the year.  Years in the making, the nomadic wunderkind has found away to blur the lines between Hip Hop and Indie Rock in a way that I have never heard before – or even thought about hearing.

What makes this album so impressive is that Abhi not only did the artwork for the project, but he also wrote, produced and performed on the entire project.  While it is pretty much a solo effort by Abhi, he did make sure to bring in a select few artists/friends to lend support.  Keeping his circle small, Abhi enlisted the likes of Local Foster (1/2 of El Capitan), Harrison Sands, Sherm, Tyler Coolidge, Natty Reeves, Dylan Montayne, Shota Lodi and Hooligan Lou to join the project – all bringing their own flava to the tracks they are featured on.

Showing off his ability to create in almost any lane, Abhi The Nomad‘s new project is really a two sided project – with the A side leaning Hip Hop and the B side leaning Indie Rock/Pop.  The dynamic production transforms throughout the project, from Jazzy embellishments on title track, “Marbled“, to uplifting guitar rhythms on, “So Long“, to bright poppy vibes on fan favorite, “Sex n’ Drugs“.  Live instruments blend with minor electronic support to create clean and organic production for Abhi to do whatever it is he feels like doing vocally.

Known by many to be an underground Hip Hop artist, Abhi shuts down all speculation and opinion with, “Marbled“.  While he continues to spit viciously on tracks like, “Dogs“, and, “Headcase“, he also flexes his vocal abilities throughout the album delivering harmonies, catchy top lines and a wide range of tones and deliveries, each perfectly suited for the track they float upon.

While Abhi has spent his live moving around the globe, music was always what he had to come back to and keep him grounded.  This album is not only a culmination of the life he has lived, but it is a testament to the time he has spent creating and honing his craft, leading to where he is today.  Now, living in Austin, Abhi is looking forward to a string of shows this month, leading up to several performances at SXSW.

If you check out one project today, make it this.  This is only just the beginning for Abhi The Nomad so make sure you hop on the bandwagon now.

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