• Nicholas Zallo

Abhi The Nomad’s New Single Puts S*** on ‘LOCK’

Fresh off of his 14 city headlining American Alien Tour, buzzing Austin based artist Abhi The Nomad is back with a grungy new heater. Featuring frequent collaborator Foster Cazz and Schama Noel, Abhi’s latest offering, “LOCK”, is a hard-hitting crossover record that features vicious bars over a distorted, guitar driven self-produced beat.  Cementing his spot as an artist in a lane of his own, Abhi and crew go in, letting everyone know exactly how they feel about their opinions. Dead set on doing things his own way, and refusing to let anyone put him into a box, Abhi The Nomad is here to put things on LOCK.

The grungy melody casts a cool and carefree mood that encapsulate his effortless signature sound. Abhi continues to put his authentic self and musical style before anything else and pays no attention to those who “always ask me if I would change.” Authenticity and self expression is a priority for Abhi, which is one of the many things that makes him a stand out artist. Abhi The Nomad most definitely won’t change who he is or his artistry since it’s all on LOCK.

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