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Achtabahn Flips Kush Kush ‘SloMo’

While this site was initially started as an EDM blog, in the 3 years we have been up and running, outlets tastes have broadened and changed quite a bit.  Thanks to cookie cutter dance tunes, uninspired lyrics and an overall lack of emotion due to the need to chase commercial success, we opened up the site to all genres and have been receiving far less dance tunes that move ya like they used to.

Recently I was blessed with the Achtabahn Remix of Kush Kush‘s Tune, “SloMo”, and I was instantly hooked.  While the production may not be ground breaking, as with all things RockDaduqOut – the vibe is oh so right.  Carried by catchy and emotive pitched vocals, the tune develops from moody verses into bubbling hooks

While there are builds and drops, they are not the focus of the track, rather an undeniable groove is set by percussive basslines and subtle synth melodies.  While I have yet to go back and check the original cut of this tune, right now I just don’t feel the need.  This mix is my jam and I’ll be rocking it for sometime to come.

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