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Actress & Singer-Songwriter Ava Grace Releases Catchy New Hit “Kite”

Now available on all streaming platforms, Ava Grace’s single “Kite” graces the airwaves as we are invited to discuss the tough topic unshared desire. Lending a lightheartedness to unrequited love, “Kite” pairs the sad story with playful melodies and Ava’s engaging vocal delivery is the icing on the cake. Her imagination runs wild as we witness an endearing metaphorical perspective on what happens when you feel a way about someone but they don’t feel the same way back. In fact, they feel the exact opposite.

Ava Grace is a fifteen year old actress starring alongside pop star Ashanti in the popular hit “Honey Girls”. Her work has received high praises from publications like Hollywood Life, Entertainment Weekly and Just Jared. We are thrilled to discover that she is also putting out her own hits and “Kite” is a stellar start!

Follow Ava on Instagram here for updates.

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