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Adil Reveals New Single ‘Hold It Together’

Bercham based singer/songwriter Adil, has always lived with a love and appreciation for music.  Growing up he remembers rocking out with his 3 brothers as they sang along to the Jackson 5, not knowing one day he would make a career in the music industry.

At just the age of 17 he proved himself enough to make it into the Top 10 in Idols, growing his fanbase and helping to cement his passion and sound.  Soon after he travelled to Barcelona to study and practice guitar alongside Abdel Kariem Asselman.  Through hard work and a number of writing sessions, Adil was able to develop his sound into something that can work the world across.

On his latest release, “Hold It Together”, Adil blends influence from Pop, R&B, and House into a vibrant and uplifting release that can work from the dance floor to the airwaves.  Via a dynamic vocal performance laden with rich harmonies and catchy toplines, the track features soft keys, pumping basslines and some anthemic horn work.

Driven by an urge to sing about the energy and power of people, Adil finds his stride on pumping and inspiring tunes that connect with human emotions on the most basic and accessible level.  His latest tune is yet another example of his versatility and vibe.  This is a jam.

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