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Adriiana Delivers Alternate Version of Recent Single ‘Stay Good’

Rising Toronto songstress Adriiana follows up the release of her most recent single, “Stay Good“, with an alternate version sure to pull at the heart strings.  The original release, produced by SMiTHMUSIX, delivered an upbeat, tropical summertime vibe while the new acoustic laden mix is designed to connect with listeners on a more personal and emotional level.

Nearly a month after the original release, Adriiana went back in the studio to revamp the new tune.  While the production remains minimal with acoustic guitar and a slower pace, Adriiana shines on the vocals.  Lyrically the tune touches on a feeling that we can all relate to – trying our best to be who we are while still living up to the expectations of the world around us.  In the end, Adriiana chooses to live her best life, late nights, binge drinking and letting out her bad side whenever she pleases with ZERO regret.

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