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Alexander Vincent Goes Solo with ‘I Wont’ [VIDEO]

Born in Toronto, multi-talented artist Alexander Vincent initially moved to LA (as many artists do) to pursue his career as an Electronic producer.  Inspired by the minimalist glitchy shuffle of artists like Aphex Twin and Burial, being a successful producer out in LA was his main goal before he found himself catapulted into the Pop world as drummer for the group Magic!.  Now four years since the group found massive success with their single, “Rude”, Alexander Vincent is back to making music for himself and has recently released his solo, debut single, “I Won’t”.

While the level of success reached as part of Magic! is something many artists can only dream of, Alexander Vincent seemed to find himself struggling with the meaning behind it all.  It seemed in a moment of clarity he came to the realization that, “I got to a place I thought I wanted to get to,” but once he got there he, “realized there is no destination, anyway.

The beautifully dynamic debut relies on sparse vocals and lush production to set the vibe -which finds itself bouncing back and forth between moments of anxious rhythms and airy release.  In addition to the single, he has also unleashed an acoustic version which helps to even further portray the emotion behind the track.  Check it out below and make sure you keep an eye out for more from Alexander Vincent.

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