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Ally. Releases Stunning New Single ‘Where We Stand’

In a world full of chaos, sometimes music is all we need to help us check our egos and find our groove.  With a never-ending amount of talent around the world, all you need to do to find some new inspiration is keeps your ears and your hearts open.

Recently I was introduced to new artist Ally. who has to date only released two singles, but is steadily carving a lane of her own within the neo-soul lane.  Finally taking the plunge this year and getting her first tunes online, Ally. is looking to spread her vibes far and wide with he delicate yet lush vocals, impressive harmonies and well constructed lyricism.   Taking a bit of a contemporary approach, Ally.’s sound seems to be stripped down, raw and delicate – making sure every element pulls at the heart strings.

Her latest single, “Where We Stand“, is a laid back and enchanting love song that sees Ally. soar above grooving basslines and muted keys as hypnotizing melodies and minimal percussion sets the groove.  With her vocals sitting front and center, Ally. leaves her mark on this tune and grabs the listener from the very first note.  To give new fans a bit more insight into this song and her process, Ally. sat down for an interview.  Make sure you keep scrolling to check it all out!

What is the story/inspiration behind ‘Where We Stand’?

I wrote this song about a year ago when I was in this in-between stage with a close friend of mine. I knew I was in love with him, but then he told me he no longer had feelings for me. However, I was still convinced that we would end up together and continued to treat him like more than a friend. My heart was split in two, but my mind was still stuck on him. He had decided where we stood, but my heart was still catching up to speed.

How would you describe the sound + message of this song?

The sound of this song is what I have always wanted to communicate through production but finally was able to achieve with my talented friends Connor Morton and Austin James. It’s a stripped sound, yet still so full – not empty in the slightest. I love that music doesn’t have to be a million tracks, it can just be eight or ten and still accomplish what a stacked session would. The underlying inspiration for the sound comes from one of my favorite artists, Daniel Caesar. I remember listening to him for the first time my freshman year of college and thinking, wow, I want to make music like this. It’s so simple and yet so powerful with sound gems everywhere in between. That’s what I wanted to achieve with “Where We Stand”, stylistically. Simple yet powerful. Something that makes you float.

Walk me through the process of inception to execution with this song?

When I wrote this song a year ago, I was in a completely different place. I thought I was ready for a lot of things that I wasn’t, which is why this song is so imperative, especially releasing it a year later. I get to look back and think about how far I have come. “Where We Stand” is still just as important to me, too, and a work I am so proud of because I put a year’s worth of time into it. I think that it is so important to take your time when releasing work because you always want your best work out. You never want to release something and say, I wish I would have done x, y, and z differently, which is why I am not upset it took this long to get everything together for this song. I was very picky in production because I knew exactly what I wanted it to sound like. However, the start of the production process happened out of the blue. I was at my friend Connor’s house one day, planning to write, when I played him “Where We Stand” and he said, “let’s record that right now”, and the rest is history…basically. With school and everything, production took a bit longer, and then we had to mix and master it. So, we sent it off to my friend Austin for mixing, finishing production touches, and mastering. I think getting multiple producers or at least opinions in on a project is so important because the flavor increases. As much as you might want to do something by yourself, other people will be able to notice things that you can’t, and that makes something better in the end.

How does this song fit into your past and current repertoire?

Honestly, I had a hard time considering releasing another love song because that’s basically the most popular kind of song, lyrically, and the kinds of songs I write talk about so many other things, such as internal and emotional struggles, addiction, etc… If I can be honest, I’m tired of all the songs that glorify sex and drugs. I want to be honest in my music, but about other struggles that we go through as humans so that we can help each other rather than continuing to fall into the same toxic cycles. So, in conclusion, as much as it is a love song, I think it fits style-wise, and the lyrics are fitting as they come right from the soul. I just want it all to come from the soul.

What has it been like being an artist during Covid-19?

Being an artist during COVID-19 has been slightly discouraging, especially being a very small independent artist trying to break through. There seemed to be a little light shining through and then suddenly everything just stopped. I had been planning a summer tour that was suddenly postponed a whole year. However, this break has given me ample time to work on building my production skills, as well as time to record a bunch of new tracks with my producer/mix/master engineer. I also think that it has made me consider my direction and purpose in music, which has been eye-opening.

What’s next for you?

Right now, I’m working on some singles and an EP, possibly. Currently, I am doing everything I can with the circumstances we are in. I hope to be shooting a music video sometime in the near future, along with doing some small house shows. I am extremely excited for what the future holds!

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