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Alt-Pop Artist IRENE Releases New Single "Gatekeeper"

Having been given a warm welcome by some of the biggest Nordic playlists on Spotify, Finland-based musician IRENE is ready to greet the new year with a vulnerable new track. "Gatekeeper" is melodically eccentric but true to her roots; having been originally inspired by her LIVE audience to release the track, "Gatekeeper" has now won the hearts of listeners from across the globe, as IRENE fearlessly confronts demons from a very cryptic past. “The power structures of the old music industry don’t offer women a healthy environment to create." - IRENE

Her experience with sexual violence at the hand of her piano teacher tells a tale not often told, due to fear of the ‘Gatekeeper’s power over their victim’s potential success. Not ready to compromise her boundaries, IRENE stands up to the power struggle at hand and hopes listeners take away an empowering feeling no matter how the message happens to resonate with them. The music industry has always had its share of gatekeeping which has led to the premature ending of countless artistic careers. And even among the continuous influx of opportunity for independent artists, there are still new, more complex gatekeepers at play, blocking access to valuable resources for musicians today.

Visit IRENE on Instagram HERE for more info.

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