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Alt Rock Band Ink to Spill Showcases The Turbulence of Current American Politics in Self-Titled Sing

Beloved alternative rock band Ink To Spill are not ones to shy away from confrontation. Their conceptual tracks often outline dark and uncomfortable truths about current American history in the making & their self-titled track “Ink To Spill” is no exception. “Ink To Spill” is the perfect continuation to their previous track “Where Went Jose?!” which highlighted the tensions centered around immigration in America. Their new track takes a deeper dive into the corruption and violence caused by the current administration. Originally written on a flight back from Chicago after an event with his music teams, the inspiration for the song stemmed from the very real understanding that America’s system of a ‘free press’ would soon come under attack.

Freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press have long defined America’s liberties and the protection of its constitution. In the music video, you see standing comparisons of Trump and Nixon as they echo one another’s demonization of the press by proclaiming “The press is the enemy” and “Fake news is the enemy of the people”. Upon writing “Ink To Spill”, the band found the song to be so powerful that they would change their name from their original alias “The Quills” to now, “Ink To Spill”. Discrediting the free press is often proven to be the first step toward a full-on dictatorship and with Trump’s buddying up to dictators, well, we have a real reason to be concerned. Luckily, Americans remain courageous enough to fight for these freedoms despite the fact that the fear of their elimination, even in 2020, is very real.

The song itself is a story about a man who always felt he was objective and ‘fiercely independent’ without a tie to any political party. While normally this man is not one to express his opinions, the past four years have given him and many others like him, no choice other than to speak out.

“A man whose witnessed demons all day long, Can’t seem to speak out for his tongue is not his Lord // Puts pen to paper and lays the world outside your door, Because the Quill is mightier than the sword”

The music video displays hard to swallow realities about our current political climate. Political corruption is nothing new; however, it’s been displayed so overtly in recent years, making it difficult to ignore. The videos mash-up of protests, comparisons of Trump to Nixon, and conversations had with foreign affairs, captivates watchers with a recap of how much we’ve witnessed in such a short amount of time. Whether it’s announcing stonewall strategies, echoing phrases like “The Silent Majority” or the counterproductive obsession with ‘law and order’, we are witnessing a repeat of history in many ways here and Ink To Spill isn’t afraid to talk about it. The press must stay protected, so that we can continue to learn about the realities we face as a country. Because the more we learn about history, the less likely we are to repeat it.

To learn more, Ink to Spill band member C’Quill will be going LIVE on Facebook tonight (Thursday) at 8pm EST – be sure to tune in here.

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