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Alt Rock Band ‘Kuwalla’ Releases Hard-Hitting Single “In My Feelings”

Los Angeles alt rock band Kuwalla offers fans a quick follow-up to “Just Fine” with their charismatic new track “In My Feelings”. Inspired by a tough conversation about holding onto bad habits, “In My Feelings” describes the impulsivity of selfishness, fully knowing that bad habits may come back to bite. Admitting that selfishness can be a first instinct; writing “In My Feelings” served as a wake up call that initiated steps toward getting their act together. The track is an undoubtable head banger that makes you miss the feeling of physically being at a live show. Offering more intensity than their previous hit “Just Fine,” “In My Feelings” delivers that satisfying angst that attracts lovers of all variations of rock music. The four versatile musicians that make up Kuwalla give listeners a unique sound out of what is the music melting pot of Southern California.

Considering the current state of the world, I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have been ‘in our feelings.’ With a wealth of information to process, there’s nothing better than a hard-hitting rock song to help let off some steam. With lyrics like “Give my attention to less important things, can’t learn your lesson that you try to teach. Somehow I hang around…can’t stop the let down,” Kuwalla presents a relatable narrative about how difficult it can be to focus on the good stuff when there’s so much bad stuff to consume! Distractions can lead to a whole slew of lessened productivity and they’re ready to focus on what matters most.

Starting in 2018, the LA-based band began playing shows up and down the west coast to test out their new-found beloved sound in front of LIVE audiences. Show history includes House of Blues, The Roxy, Resident LA and many more. Comprised of four versatile musicians, (Kyle Sain – Lead Vocals & Guitar // Brian Huynh – Lead Guitar & Vocals // Marty Griffin – Drums // Danny Leserman – Bass & Keyboard), the band grabs their musical influences from what they listened to growing up. From Indie Alternative to Hard Rock to Blues, they hope to take the music of their environment, modernize it, and share it with the world for years to come.

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