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Hailing from upstate, NY, the Alt-trio Sad Heroes consists of two brothers- Avi (vocals) and Shmu (drums) Turner, with Zach Szydlo (guitar/bass). The alt/rock trio is grabbing the attention of music lovers and listeners and gaining traction quickly. Their latest release Sunny Side Down is a track of their newest album ‘I Feel Like Doing Something Dangerous.’ The two brothers and long time friend and neighbor Zach, like to write songs by choosing a subject first and following up with lyrics to fit the choice. In this case, the band chose to write Sunny Side Down about the infliction of dealing with Insomnia, an issue that band member Zach has been dealing with for quite some time.

I pretty seriously struggle with falling asleep and can sometimes be awake for days at a time. When you go that long without sleep you start losing your mind. It isn’t just that you’re tired, your body starts having physiological responses that can really make you feel like you’re going crazy.”– says Zach.

The song can also feel like an anthem for anyone dealing with other mental-health issues, like feeling overwhelmed day to day, or struggling with anxiety. Sunny Side Down offers an outlet to talk about some truly debilitating issues that don’t always get the spotlight. especially in the time where people are hypersensitive to their own opinions, it can become difficult to express things that truly deeply afflict a person, for fear of judgement, or even “cancellation.”

In this acoustic version of the previously released full-production single, the trio of Sad Heroes strips down the song to a tight electric drum beat and rhythmic acoustic guitar riff, that really throws focus to the lyrics and vocals. Well-written with a message, Avi delivers a vulnerable vocal performance that makes Sunny Side Down relatable and fun to sing-a-long with, all while being sure not to lose the message.

Whether you are someone who struggles with insomnia, other mental health issues, or just plain loves good acoustic alt/rock, this track is for you. The boys of Sad Heroes, nailed it with this one, and in my humble opinion, I like the acoustic version even better than the original.

If you are struggling, please don’t forget. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please reach out to friends, family, or professionals. We are here to help each-other.

Listen to more music from Sad Heroes, here:

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