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AMTRAC Takes Us On a Ride

AMTRAC has just blessed us with his new hour-long mix “Hey There Kiddo Pt. 3”.  Be ready to RockDafaqOut with this one.

This gem is a compilation of unreleased samples and field recordings from the producer’s archives. AMTRAC states that “these tracks have always had a place but never a home”. The beauty about this release is that it can be accessed for free if you’re a SoundCloud aficionado like myself.

Hey There Kiddo Pt. 3” is an Electronic project that simply stimulates the mind. Its dreamy, sexy, delicious and complex. I would love to talk more in-depth about AMTRAC’s work, but words won’t do it justice. The first time I pressed play, I was running through the streets of downtown Manhattan to catch my train back home and I legitimately felt as if I was in a movie.

The selection of dreamy melodies, hard hitting basslines and upbeat drum groves really provide listeners with a special soundtrack to enjoy. One of my favorite aspects about this hour-long mix is the transitions between sections with the use of sampled voiceovers. We hear the great and powerful NAS introduce the project, pro skater Chad Muska cracking jokes in the middle and quotes from the critical acclaimed movie “Hard to Kill” to finish it off.  This is a nice touch because you really get a feel for AMTRAC’s interests besides his love for his synths and decks.

So enough from me. Go give it a listen.

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