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Andie Case Releases New Anthem "I Think I'm God"

Hailing from Seattle, singer/songwriter Andie Case is a loud and unforgiving talent whose music showcases the heart and life of a not so ordinary girl. In pursuit of her dreams, the now celebrated artist moved to Los Angeles at 18, living out of her Pontiac Bonneville for some time before eventually linking up with Ajay Marshall who took her under his wing and helped her record her first records.

Since then, Andie Case has used her talent and digital marketing savvy to take the internet by storm, growing her fanbase on Facebook to over 1.1 million, securing over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube with some videos racking up as much as 37 million views. Furthermore, she went on to win Usher’s competition “Megastar”, has charted in the iTunes Top 100, received MTV’s Cover of the Year Award for her and Mike Tompkin’s “Stay” cover and has toured the world performing with her band including dates overseas in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

With no plan on letting off of the gas, Andie Case is back once again with her sexy, yet powerful single “I Think I’m God”. The song serves as an assurance that Andie knows exactly what she wants and what she’s entitled to. Not only does the song serve as an empowerment anthem, but the provoking video is just as seductive. “I Think I’m God” is the perfect song and video to fit any Top 40, Pop, or Pop Rock format.

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