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Andrew Caryl and ColorMind Team Up with American Idol Alumni Robbie Rosen for Summer Smash "Taboo"

Andrew Caryl, ColorMind and Robbie Rosen come together for new summer-ready anthem, “Taboo.” The fresh collaboration, spearheaded by songwriter/producer Andrew Caryl, leans on each parties’ individual strengths; ensuring that collectively, they are able to deliver crisp, refined, high-octane release that will be the perfect soundtrack to summer.

With buzzing, multi-instrumentalist/producer ColorMind and longtime producer/songwriter Andrew Caryl joining forces on the production, they are able to create a groovy, dynamic, uplifting composition that sets seemingly sets the perfect tone for Robbie Rosen (American idol Season 10 Finalist) to shine on. After ColorMind laid the groundwork, Andrew Caryl was instantly hooked knew exactly where to take it from there. Speaking on the collaboration, Andrew says, “Corey threw down a nice solid vibe, then we spent a ton of time tweaking the bass line and hi hats to get the funkiness just right. Robbie came up with the idea of building the lyric around the word Taboo – and it was perfect! This song has such a funky sexy vibe.

Rich keys, deep pads, chunky-funky basslines and some swinging drums meld perfectly together to capture a familiar-yet-fresh feel while Robbie’s energetic and seductive vocals top it all off. When asked about the release, Robbie says, “From the first second I heard the track, I immediately got inspired to create an upbeat, funky/soulful topline.” While individually, Andrew Caryl, ColorMind and Robbie Rosen continue to build their solo catalogs, rack up credits and rake in streams, their new joint offering will undoubtedly help to add a bit of fuel the fire.

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