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angelbaby Delivers Trippy New Anthem "am i just high?"

Alright, buckle up, because we're about to dive into the trippy, alt-psychedelic universe of angelbaby's latest jam, "am i just high?" If you're still riding the wave from his viral hit "life is good" with Jagwar Twin, you're in for another mind-bending ride.

This track is like a sonic potion brewed from a mix of alt-rock, rap beats, and a sprinkle of that early 2000’s Gorillaz magic. Picture this: distorted acoustic guitars, cinematic sirens, and bombastic drums all conspiring to pull you deep into the emotional labyrinth of angelbaby's world. It's like he's handing you the key to his twisted mind, saying, "Play this loud af, and join me on this wild trip through my life in the City of Angels, trying to shake off that ex-ghost."

"Am I Just High?" blurs the lines between reality and altered perception, inviting you into the hazy depths of the high life. With a driving rhythm and hypnotic melodies, it's a rollercoaster of introspection and escapism. The lyrics grapple with the big questions – existence, reality, identity – creating an atmospheric soundscape that's both bold and punchy. It's like alternative pop, rap, and indie got together for a wild party, and this track is the aftermath.

In the words of angelbaby himself, “this song is literally the soundtrack of my life when I was goin' out every night in LA trying to get over my ex. The song is low key a trip through my twisted mind. Play that sh*t loud af.” So, turn up the volume, let the beats wash over you, and get lost in the labyrinth of emotions that "am i just high?" effortlessly unfolds.

And speaking of getting lost, angelbaby's Spotify numbers are soaring, with over 270k monthly listeners. With tracks like these, it's no surprise. Keep your radar tuned in, folks; this alt up-and-comer is gearing up for one exciting ride. This year is looking like it's about to be angelbaby's time to shine, and we're all here for it. Get ready for the sonic journey; the high life just got a soundtrack upgrade!

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