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Anna Clendening Shares Her Take On Love In “Love Song”

You’d think when an artist or songwriter writes a song seemingly about someone special, it’d be a love song. But Anna Clendening is countering the thought of that in “Love Song” off her new EP Evolve.

Exhibiting poignant lyrics and warm analog sounds, “Love Song” juxtaposes the feeling of falling in love with the denial of falling in love. Noting that she “[doesn’t] write love songs” and how this track is simply a story of two people, the song manifests commentary on how we closely analyze songs and try to figure out who or what they’re about. A song can be just that: a song.

Rising pop singer-songwriter Anna Clendening has released her Atlantic Records-debut EP, Evolve. Speaking to the work, Clendening says:

“After many attempts at failed relationships, I have finally come to realize I need to love myself first before anyone else. This EP is a reflection of the things I’ve done and the progress I have made. This is a story of growth, of evolving.”

Clendening relates through unfiltered lyrics ripped right from her notebook, robust vocals quaking with emotion, and brutal honesty. In tandem with her honest songwriting, Clendening has proven to be a source of universal encouragement and an incredible advocate for mental health awareness. Sharing openly with fans about her own mental health journey managing anxiety – eventually diagnosed as a symptom of borderline personality disorder – she’s continually channeled these challenges through the healing power of music, and her new EP is no exception. Showcasing refreshing candor, Evolve tackles these issues head on as she details the cyclical nature of her past romantic relationships.

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