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Anthemic New Release from NYT FOXES

There is nothing better than a good morning jam.  Hailing from Hungary, NYT FOXES has brings an uplifting vibe, while singing songs about hope and blending influence from the 80’s and beyond.

His latest release, “Giants”, is a blend of Synth Pop, Alternative and Indie Rock – and it hits beautifully.  While the vocals start off mellow and a bit buried production, they soon turn into an absolute anthem climaxing at the hook.  The production itself relies on a mixture of synth melodies, ripping guitars and powerful 80’s inspired drums to create a massive wall of sound.

With the vocals being a bit Rock leaning, the Electronic elements add a nice contrast.  When it all comes together, the vibe is just right.  This is a mood booster for sure.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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