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Arpad Makes Debut with ‘Tonight’

While Arpad may be a new project for Berlin based producer Marlon Tubach, he is no stranger to success.  Having already racked up credits including production on Cro’s track, “Easy”, which sold over 500k copies, Marlon is ready to step into the spotlight with a project of his own.

On his debut single, “Tonight”, Arpad incorporates influences from R&B, Pop and EDM to create a touching, sexy and smooth tune.  With a beautifully delivered female vocal taking the lead, the production fills all of the spaces perfectly.  Allowing the vocals to shine, soft keys, slapping drums and a round bass set the tone while jazzy embellishments pepper the track. 

The dynamic release takes the listener on a ride setting a great vibe from the very first listen.  A solid debut and for sure enough to get us excited about what may be next.

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