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Asbjørn Has ‘Nothing 2 Lose’ [VIDEO]

Starting from a young age, Berlin based Danish Pop artist Asbjørn found himself totally obsessed with Pop music.  Standing in front of a mirror he would perform his favorite tunes from the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Max Martin, Destiny`s Child, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Robyn and Lykke Li.

At just 19 he founded his own label and released two acclaimed albums, while simultaneously growing his YouTube channel to over 40K subscribers.  These days Asbjørn is looking to bring BOY POWER to the pop world.  While that may be a huge goal, he says, “I think it’s high time we guys reinvent pop music from our point of view. I want to show that there are an infinite number of ways to express one’s masculinity – without falling back into age-old stereotypes. We should finally throw all these gender prejudices overboard and be who we want to be

His latest tune, “Nothing 2 Lose”, perfectly demonstrates his distinguished sound via catchy toplines and emotive lyrics.  Hoping to break gender stereotypes that often come along with being a male Pop artist, Asbjørn bring an unhindered and totally authentic approach to his music.  Beyond the vibrant pop melodies, slick Electronic production and transformative arrangement, he can’t help but reflect on where the song was born from.  “The track was written during the craziest summer of my life. Three intense months that felt like a single, incredible festival. Including wild parties, bad hangovers and all the highs and lows that are just part of it when you’re in love. There was nothing else around us but him and me. Together, we enjoyed the endless summer nights in Berlin and felt endlessly free. The lines have something timeless; this song is the soundtrack to an unforgettable life that I’ll never forget.

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