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“Asymmetrical” Pop Artist Victoria Canal Embraces the Contradictions of the Human Experience

Quick off the heels of the success of her singles “Second” and “Drama”, which was featured in the Nike Fearless Ones campaign, beloved Alt Pop artist Victoria Canal is ready to introduce an exploration of self-worth in her project “Victoria EP”. The Nike campaign featured her recent single to promote their Jordan Flyease, a shoe designed for athletes with disabilities. Victoria’s mission to fight for representation of asymmetrical or ‘differently abled’ artists has been documented in mainstream networks like Now This and Huffington Post has quoted her as “Raising the bar for disabled artists in pop music”. Not only that, but her music has received praise from publications like Rolling Stone quoting the 21 year old LGBTQ artist as “Opening up new possibilities in pop”. 

With more eyes on her than ever before, Victoria was experiencing so many ‘firsts’ in 2019 with the success of her singles “Second” and “Drama” as well as providing touring support for acts like Leslie Odom Jr, Lawrence & Tall Heights. Emanating boundless confidence, her new EP takes an energetic and vulnerable approach to a snapshot of her life before 2020. With experience comes wisdom and her journey has helped build a deeper understanding of how multi-dimensional human beings truly are. “The entire “Victoria” EP is an exploration of my “self-worth meter”, how it functions in two modes like an on-off switch. But also, how all these different parts of a person can coexist with each other – I can be a blissed out yogi, and also an awkward mess. I can feel like my own best friend, but also like my arch-nemesis”.

As you can see in her recent Billboard In-Studio Session performance, her live show is filled with impassioned positivity. Victoria has been invited to sing at the Academy Awards, the national anthem as MSG/Rangers games and artists like Michael Franti have helped highlight her indisputable talents through DMing her an invite to provide co-writing touring support on a global scale.

Other creative partnerships include her vocal coach Jan Smith (vocal coach to Drake, Usher, etc). The partnership yielded incredible success with her single “City Shoes”, which garnered over 8M Spotify streams as of 2020. Her recent campaign with ASUS Chromebook dives further into her creative process as Victoria continues to hold space for fans and fellow creatives through her music. The “Victoria EP” holds that space and marks a clear continuation of recent successes as she reflects on her accomplishments from the past year.. As you can see in her 60 minute interview with CNN Español’s Proyecto Ser Humano, her positive spirit is infectious and her determination and ability to be inspired by her own introspection creates a truly universal sound. Quick to follow the new project will be the official music video for the self-titled single “Victoria”, expected to release on Wednesday September 9th. Having co-produced the new EP, Victoria hopes to hold space, inspire and motivate others to accept and embrace their complexities and their natural ability to evolve and change while still remaining fearlessly themselves.

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