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ATM Delivers on First Single ‘One Touch’

Having spent years behind the scenes working with artists like Sigrid, Alessia Cara, Rebecca & Fiona and Killian & Jo, Henrik Jonzon and Per Eklund initially met on tour and decided to join forces because of their mutual love for trashy Indie R&B.  After getting to work in the studio, ATM was born.

While the meeting of the minds may have happened spontaneously, the new project represents much more.  About ATM, they say, “This project is dedicated to the joy and spontaneity that music is, can and should be. We’re here to create a space of limitless possibilities, ideas, collaborations and friendships. One of our good friends from London lent her badass vocals to ‘One Touch’, and we plan on collaborating with a variety of interesting musicians and artists as we go. For a lot of people ATM obviously stands for ‘at the moment’, and our one and only plan is to do what we feel like in the moment. Our neon blue camel logo is as random as our minds, and that randomness and playful vibe will hopefully also be reflected in our sound and in the choice of collaborators.

Now ready to show the world what ATM is all about, the duo has recently released their debut single, “One Touch”.  The new single brings contemporary R&B vibes with a bit of special sauce.  On top of a mid-tempo Electronic leaning production, they deliver a catchy and sensual track that is as smooth as it is hot.

With mellow chords, playful percussion and intriguing embellishments, the track makes sure to keep the listener entertained by the production while the vocals vibe along.  The combination of interesting production techniques and nostalgic feels all come together to create a solid first release for ATM.

About the single they say, “One Touch is about those electric moments when you meet someone – that chemistry and spark that no one can explain, and no one can deny. It’s also about giving in to that feeling, not overthinking it and simply… going for it.

Keep an eye on ATM, I’m sure they have some more goodness up their collective sleeves.

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