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bülow Takes Her New EP ‘The Contender’ on the Road with LAUV

If you follow RockDafuqOut, then you should have no question how we feel about Pop iconoclast bülow.  Having followed her meteoric rise from the beginning (which happens to only be a couple of short years ago) it has been exciting to watch the German born, Toronto based artist go from Edgy Pop badass to Juno Award winning, multi-platinum selling artist – practically overnight.  Having released a number of stand out projects to date, racking up countless millions of streams and having been featured on most of the worlds top publications, bülow has undoubtedly carved a lane of her own with her signature sound and dark, moody Pop tunes.

Having recently announced that she will be going on tour across North America with LAUV – while also simultaneously headlining a number of shows – bülow is also back with new music, releasing her latest EP, “The Contender”.  With the projects lead single, “Boys Will Be Boys”, already making waves for the better part of 2019, bülow rounds out the 5 track project with an additional four gems, including personal favorite, “Own Me”.  

The ominous tune relies on muted rhythms, thick basses and tons of ambient texture while bülow brings a somewhat monotonous flow to create an absolutely hypnotic tune that feels equal parts psychotic and seductive.  While bülow may already be a favorite of tastemakers around the world, if she can keep this up (and I have bod pint she will) it is only a matter of time before she reaches the upper echelon.  Check out her new project below and get ready to grab tickets for her world tour – I’m sure it will be in the works soon enough. 

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