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B O K E H Reaching New Heights [VIDEO]

Here is an absolute beaut from New Zealand‘s B O K E HChloë Lewer actress/musician behind the new project has recently released her debut EP, “Don’t Leave the Fire“, and has just unleashed the third single, “Great Heights“, along with a stunning visual.

The haunting Synth Pop gem sees B O K E H soaring on vocals over an 80’s inspired production.  Dreamy layers, an emotional progression and bright and uplifting melodies all come together to captivate from the first note.  Everything about this release is artistic.  Inviting the listener into the beautiful and inspiring soundscape and visual, B O K E H is clearly making music from the heart, mind and soul.

The video was shot between Berlin and the Canary Islands and tells the story of three women who lament for the lost.

Anyone who follows the site knows that I love originality, and I can say for certain B O K E H is in a lane of her own.  Only 3 singles in, but I am excited to watch her develop over the coming months/years.

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