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Backstrom Releases Debut Album "The Carousel"

Backstrom's debut album, "The Carousel," is a musical journey that seamlessly blends Rock, Country, and fFlk influences, creating a diverse and captivating listening experience. Set to release at the top of 2024, this album marks the return of a Swedish songwriter who, after a significant hiatus from music, has crafted a collection of songs that showcase both introspection and musical versatility. Backstrom's wide range of musical influences is evident throughout the album. Drawing inspiration from iconic figures such as Leonard Cohen, Mark Lanegan and The Rolling Stones, "The Carousel," traverses various genres while maintaining a cohesive sonic identity.

One of the notable features of, "The Carousel," is the collaboration with American vocalist Bart Topher. Topher's contributions add a distinctive layer to the album, bringing a soulful and emotive quality to the tracks he graces. Bart Topher's involvement in both vocals and lyric writing, alongside contributions from Tommy Jones, adds a collaborative richness to the storytelling. Leading up to the album release, the two have already released singles, "The Journey (feat. Bart Topher) [Remastered], " and, "Animal (feat. Bart Topher)," which provide a taste of the vocal chemistry and musical synergy between Backstrom and Topher. The collaborative and creative process behind the album adds an extra layer of depth. Backstrom's approach of writing songs after the lyrics, often penned by others, contributes to a soundtrack-like quality that enhances the emotional impact of the music. Utilizing online platforms like, Backstrom enlisted a talented lineup of session musicians, including Fransisco Paz on drums and percussion, Luca Giannotti on guitars and bass, and Kimberly Faith providing harmonies. When it was time to finalize the project, Backstrom brought in engineer Gabe Wolf to mix and master the full project, delivering a final project that is dynamic as it is cohesive.

The songwriter's personal journey and musical evolution shine through in the album's narrative. Having played in rock bands during his youth, Backstrom took a hiatus in his 20s just as his musical endeavors were gaining momentum. "The Carousel," serves as a triumphant comeback, with Backstrom channeling his songwriting prowess into creating an album that reflects his diverse musical tastes and experiences. "The Carousel," stands out not only for its musical craftsmanship but also for its lyrical depth. With a fusion of genres, emotive vocals, and a collaborative spirit, this debut album is a testament to Backstrom's resilience and creative vision.

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