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Beautiful Vibes from Berkshire with Heather Jayne

There is something new brewing over in Berkshire, and I for one am paying close attention.  19 year old Heather Jayne has been writing and performing her own songs for about 10 years, but it wasn’t until the last year that she started to release them commercially.

Heather first came onto my radar when we featured her tune, “Let Me In”, only a few months ago.  Immediately impressed by her powerful and ethereal vocals, her ability to command a track is undeniable.  

Since then she has released a couple of other singles, most recently hitting us with, “If the Stars Align”, all leading up to the release of her debut EP.  The new tune is a down tempo beaut.  Muted keys, guitars and ambient textures combine in the background while Heather Jayne absolutely soars.  A, mellow, Electronic infused drop breaks up the emotional verses, adding a bit of tension and amplifying the overall vibe of the track.

 Beyond the beautiful vocal performance, Heather Jayne puts her songwriting abilities on full display with easy to follow, emotionally charged lyrics that find a way to connect on the deepest of levels.

With a string of successful singles under her belt already, I am way excited to give the EP a spin (or a thousand).  Super impressed by Heather Jayne… give this  a listen.  You should be too.

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