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Becky Hill and David Guetta deliver on “Remember”: Video out now!

Becky Hill is so underrated it’s criminal”, writes a passionate fan in the comment section of the “Remember” music video on Youtube. I agree with this zealous stan, and Hill’s latest collab with superstar DJ & producer David Guetta proves the statement true. However, regardless of how underrated Hill may seem, not yet a household name here in the states, the energetic brit has established a massive following already and has the accolades of a top-tier performer. The music video for “Remember” was released on June 25th, just following her performance of the national anthem in the FA cup final last month, and her announcement that she will be playing the halftime of “The Hundred”, a massive cricket event taking place later this month. The vibrant and infectious video has already garnered nearly 2 Million views on youtube alone, a statline that any artist in the world would be proud of. The upbeat pop banger is an honest take on lost love, about remorse and regret, and the frustration that comes with undeniable attraction to that one person who stays on your mind. However, more than anything “Remember” is a celebration of those feelings.

It’s no surprise that “Remember”, having been co-produced by David Guetta, is quality of the highest form. Cascading chords and bouncing synths make the track incredibly danceable, uplifting and recharging. Although the lyrics may juxtapose the overall poppieness of “Remember”, Becky Hill’s words take on new meaning in contrast with the optimistic undertones of David Guetta’s production. Based on pure lyrical sentiment, the song brings about feelings of loss and remembrance, pensive and self-doubting. However, that is not the vibe of “Remember” at all; rather, Becky’s powerful vocal performance and the bright production transform the track into a brilliant realization. The music video further emphasizes and reinforces the intoxicating energy of “Remember”. Colorful, exciting, and fun, that’s the vibe. That’s the mood and perspective that Becky Hill employs you tap into next time that person crosses your mind. No need for self doubt, rather, embrace and revel in your feelings; turn the negative into positive and be true to yourself.

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