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Beloved Hip Hop Artist Trevor Lee Confronts Uncertainty in 2020 With New Hit “Contagious Views”

Best known for his viral Barber Shop Freestyle, where Trevor quickly earned the love of over 1M YouTube viewers and 2.2M TikTok users, we’re excited to announce his next hit “Contagious Views”. As a continuation of his viral success in the music industry, “Contagious Views” takes place in his hometown barber shop of Huntsville, AL. On the surface, Trevor’s rhetoric feels like a direct reference to our current pandemic: “Passion ain’t contagious, confusion is”. But when you take a closer look, he acknowledges the confusion that results from so much passion being thrown in a multitude of directions; informed or not, it’s a lot more than we’re used to taking in. Nobody could have seen 2020 coming; our nation grapples with sweeping anxiety, enabling negativity to overwhelm the best of us.”

“Contagious Views” is meant to encourage active listening and critical thinking during an intensely emotional time. Our freedom can become our demise; in the track, Trevor says “Social distance ain’t solution, it’s preventative”. It would be easy for us not to confront issues head on or to tiptoe around the truth, but that never leads to progress.With a style closely compared to rappers Nipsey Hustle, Russ & Roddy Rich, Trevor’s approachable style delivers a heartfelt edge and relatable lyrics. “Contagious Views” brings the more subtle points to the surface with lyrics like “A heart always match who you give it to,” “implying that the energy you surround yourself with will undoubtedly affect both your mind and body, two things one should strongly preserve during uncertain times.”

Labeled as a leader in Houston music, Trevor has performed at festivals such as SXSW and Boomin by the Bay & has shared billing with Houston stars Tobe Nwigwe, Bun B and acts like Big Daddy Weave & Tedashi. He continues to release music independently and prior to 2020, toured frequently across the US. His goal for the “Contagious Views’ visual is to offer fans some nostalgia with the hometown Barbershop setting, while advocating for safe spaces to have open minded and level headed discussions. We’re all passionate about something this year and it’s important we put our energy toward that. That said, it’s even more important we remain equally as passionate about our mental health. If we don’t start to take care of ourselves, then we may never have the energy to truly thrive.

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