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Ben Provencial Drops Another Gem with "HATE ME TOO"

While LA-based Ben Provencial may have only launched his solo project in 2020, everything he has released so far has been delivered with a polish and precision that only comes from being a lifelong musician. Over the last couple of years, he has released a number of stand-out singles that have understandably resonated with industry insiders and music lovers around the world, steadily racking up streams and building a devoted fanbase hungry for more.

Seeing how saturated the music business is these days, it is getting increasingly harder to cut through the clutter, but Ben Provencial has certainly found a way to do just that. Thanks to his dynamic vocals, stellar songwriting and his ability to craft can't-get-this-out-of-my-head type melodies, he has been able to build an impressive catalog of songs you'll never want to skip over. While it has only been two years since he dropped his first single, Ben Provencial has already landed on the radar of some major movers and shakers in the industry, including Spotify, who have placed a number of his releases in their flagship playlists.

Most recently, Ben Provencial released new single, "HATE ME TOO," and it is yet another great addition to his already stacked solo catalog. Minimal yet dynamic, clean acoustic guitar sets the tone as Ben delivers an emotive performance with lyrics that most of us can easily relate to. Allowing his vocals to lead the way, every element in the production sits perfectly beneath while the lyrics are given the space to cut through and hit hard - all up in the feels. About the tune, Ben says, "HATE ME TOO is about putting yourself in the shoes of the person you broke up with. The person initiating the breakup is saying it’s okay to hate me if it helps you heal. Though it hurts, both people know that the breakup was never malicious.

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