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Beso Palma Knows His Relationship Deserves 100% On “Better”

Sometimes we see a relationship eclipsing before it’s truly started. Australian artist Beso Palma articulates this struggle on his latest wompy, groove filled R&B track “Better.”

Featuring Beso Palma’s own vocals, “Better” is a deeply personal song touching on the reality of giving someone your all and what it feels like to know you’re not ready to do that. The track brings together harmonious sounds that make it feel like a sweet dream, but his lyrics capture the underlying sadness through lines like “disguised as a smile” and “you can wait around forever I know there’s better for you.” Acknowledging that every relationship deserves each person’s all, Beso says:

“I wanted to capture the feeling of accepting that the timing of the relationship wasn’t right for me and knowing that there was someone ‘better’ out there for that person at that present time. The last thing I wanted to do was resent the relationship.”

“Better” is Beso Palma’s prelude to his upcoming feature EP Beso Bumps. The EP is set for release in October 2021 and features some serious established and up-and-coming talent such as Gia Vorne (TRIPLE J / Like A Version w Taka Perry), Rissa (TRIPLE J), Brekky Boy (Montreux Jazz Festival / International Sofar Sounds feature artist), Blush’ko (TRIPLE J / Majestic Casual), Janeva (The Rubens / TRIPLE J / Majestic Casual) and Mel Blue (Kitsune).

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