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Betablock3r are Here to ‘Make You Happy’

Fast rising duo Betablock3r pride themselves on being 100% independent.  Handling everything from production to vocals to album art and mixing, their releases so far have been making a major impact (25+M streams).

Originally launching the project as remixers with credits alongside artists like Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and RAC, the foray into their own releases seemed like a natural progression.  Now set to release their debut EP, they have recently unleashed the lead single, “Make You Happy”, and it is a vibrant, groovy, 80’s Synth Pop/Nu Disco leaning jam.  Via funky guitar riffs, lush synths and a driving bassline, the song features a slick arrangement and uplifting progression that is as cheery as it is sexy.  

Comprised of Chris Boulos (vocal/production) and Ryan George (guitar/production) Betablock3r seems to find an unmistakable chemistry between the two.  Clean and dynamic production, solid top lines and an overall infectious groove take over from the very beginning making sure to never let go.

This should 100% be enough to get you excited for their debut project.  I know I am.

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