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Bi-Coastal Act Sum Sun Releases Nostalgic "Kids Again"

Revolutionizing the dance music scene, bi-coastal act Sum Sun releases yet another fan favorite with their new hit "Kids Again". Tapping into sentimental nostalgia, "Kids Again" is about remembering the times when you were a kid and how easy it was to enjoy the simple things in life. The group does a brilliant job of delivering the relatable sentiment of wanting to be an adult while you're a kid but wanting to be a kid again once becoming an adult. A high energy bop from beginning the end, the danceable track was ultimately inspired by MGMT's "Kids"; a staple from the 2011- era of alternative pop music. The song serves as a combination of encompassing the happy, free feeling of being a kid while also returning to the iconic indie sound we grew to know and love.

A little bit about Sum Sun: Comprised of Nick Benton, Eric Plummer, and Ilan Pomerance, the trio is making us all feel toasty with their rejuvenating blend of acoustic pop, indie, and energetic EDM. Together, they hope to revitalize the EDM genre by fusing it with the nostalgic Indie sound of the early 2000s. Their one-of-a-kind sound is highlighted by punchy guitar riffs, pulsating synths, big drums, and Benton’s buttery vocals.

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