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Black Lily's Releases Subtle Yet Dynamic "Party"

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

A new song from their upcoming album "New Era", French duo Black Lily's is back with a subtle yet captivating new hit "Party". Inspired by minimalist production, "Party" incorporates children's voices taken from old tapes of their childhood, creating a haunting yet ethereal soundscape. Soft and dynamic, the duo reveals a more sensitive side, subjugated by the proximity of Camille's vocals. The indie pop/folk fusion suits them well as they embrace a unique juxtaposition of lighthearted seriousness perfect for the big screen. Following their EP “Memories of a Blind Mind” released in 2014, the brother sister duo flavours the musical landscape with their sensitive force, inviting us in the intimacy of a rage that does not leave us indifferent. Multiplying their concerts in these past 3 years, their complicity seems even more obvious and their sincerity wins the adhesion of the public.

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