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Blake Rose Makes Stunning Debut with ‘Hotel Room’ [VIDEO]

Anyone who follows the blog should know that Australia is one of my favorite scenes these days.  With an incredible amount of talent spanning nearly every genre, it never comes as a surprise anymore to find new artists from AUS to fall in love with.

Hailing from Perth, new artist Blake Rose recently touched down in LA looking to make his mark on the music scene.  Without an official release to speak of under his belt, he was already able to land a publishing deal with Kobalt – a near impossible task for a new and unknown artist.  With his poetic lyricism, and powerful, soul driven vocals, there is no doubt that he will be making some major waves in the months to come.

Now ready to launch his artist career, has just released his debut single, “Hotel Room”, along with an official video.  The new tune sees Blake crooning over a dynamic production that relies on organic textures to set the tone.  Gritty guitar, bright keys and deep basses set the mood for Blake to deliver an emotional, impactful performance.  About the release he says, “Hotel Room is a song for anyone who has ever felt betrayed by someone they love. The video and single paint a vivid emotional picture of a relationship gone awry.”

The raw new single is an incredible debut and sets the precedent for what Blake Rose will be looking to do going forward – captivating audiences and crafting stellar tunes.

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