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BLYNE Release Debut Project ‘This Is Our First EP’

Berlin based production duo BLYNE have been making waves of the recent few months with a string of beautifully constructed Electronic Pop jams.  After dropping well received single like, “Waste Time”, “Don’t You Ever”, and “Water”, BLYNE has recently released their new project, “This is Our First EP”.  Collaborating with top notch international vocalists like James Chatburn, CHU, NOVAA, L Devine and B O K E H, BLYNE combines feels from Soul, R&B, Pop and Electronica into their new project.  

Created through many late night sessions in Berlin and London, it is easy to hear all of the sweat and emotion the duo put into their new release.  Rich melodies, bright vibes and clean production make the project cohesive while the duo seems to cross genres from one track to the next.  One of my personal favorite additions to the project comes as, “Around You”, which brings a mellow and subtle two-step vibe beneath chill and haunting vocals.  Enchanting pads and background melodies combine with minimal synth work and and overall danceable UK vibe.

About the EP BLYNE says, “This project is the result of months of our hard work and constant late nights in the studio. ‘This Is Our First EP’ has a different vibe for each track and we know it’s going to be a hit”.  Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

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