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Bolinas shares music video for new single "Tarot Lines"

The shoegaze / emo / dream pop project of indie rock journeyman Chris Thomas releases a new song and music video from forthcoming debut LP, Heavy Easy Listening

Photo credit: Grant Burkheimer

After the release of the excellent lead single "U.L.B.", Bolinas are back with another new song "Tarot Lines" from their upcoming debut album Heavy Easy Listening. While the passionate vocal performance of "U.L.B" highlighted subtle influence of midwest emo styles on the St Louis Kansas City native Chris Thomas, this new one leans more towards a more hazy shoegaze sound inspired by The Cure.

The release of "Tarot Lines" is accompanied by a music video for the song, which depicts Chris singing the song in a dark room as a tarot reading is happening in front of him, his face shifting in an out of focus as more tarot cards are laid on the table, including the “three of swords” card seen on the single artwork that is said to symbolize heartbreak and emotional pain.

Describing his inspiration behind the song and its tarot themed visuals and lyrics, the lead singer and songwriter Chris Thomas expresses his skepticism of “people who let religion and mystical things such as Tarot, Astrology, etc. govern their path and movement through life”, but he also acknowledges the very relatable reasons why people turns to these things as comfort. “I do believe that people have the ability to use them in good, healthy ways”, he says, “but the adverse is chaotic and misguided. People sometimes need something to blame rather than facing the real issues troubling them. I am one of those people, unfortunately, but I try my hardest not to. This song is a reckoning of sorts with those ideas and a recollection of when I let someone really get into my head about a predestined range of emotion and behaviors I’d exhibit as a “Pisces' ' and using tarot to make sense of it… I don’t think they were a bad person, or that my way of thinking has any more merit than theirs. At the end of the day, you can only control how you feel and act, no one else. It’s okay to not see eye to eye, and the end of that can be amicable.”

Heavy Easy Listening will be released in full on October 7th, 2022 via Sub Rosa Selects.

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