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Boogie Mango Unleashes Debut Single ‘Walky Walk’

While Boogie Mango may be a brand new artist, the mastermind behind the project Ryan Claus, has had plenty of success in the past.  From writing music for some of the biggest brands in the world to landing sync placements on major national shows and campaigns, the multi-instrumentalist has more than proven his worth as a songwriter behind the scenes.

Now having relocated to Nashville from San Diego, Ryan Claus is ready to put it all on the line with his new project Boogie Mango.  Finding inspiration from some of his favorite Bedroom Pop artists like Still Woozy, Homeshake and Cuco, Boogie Mango is ready to show the world what he is made of, fusing Indie Pop vocals, shimmery guitars and self-produced bedroom beats into trippy, catchy, chill as fuck tunes that will without a doubt turn some heads in the scene.

With his debut single, “Walky Walk“, a hypnotic ambience takes over from the very start, hooking the listener with playful lyrics and lush textures that blend both acoustic and electronic elements in prime fashion.  Taking a step out of his comfort zone, the new project marks a first for the ultra-talented man behind the scenes, being his first foray into writing lyrics and singing.  About the experience he says, “I’m a pretty shy guy and I’ve never thought of myself as a vocalist. But I wanted to balance all the commercial work by doing something more vulnerable. Turns out singing does exactly that.

If you are a fan of Bedroom Pop, make sure Boogie Mango is on your radar.  I imagine there is a whole lot more coming – and we will be patiently waiting for more.

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