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Artist Boon, of Nashville, dropped his new single Can’t Be Love on July 13th, this year. The self-produced prodigy has created a truly unique sound for himself, through genre-bending and a one-of-a-kind production style. Boon incorporates many characteristic sounds from multiple genres to come together and infuse his music. Through the inspiration of EDM, Trap, Blues, Gritty Rock, and Dark Pop, Boon has created a somber and energetic enhanced rock sound, for his upcoming project. Can’t Be Love, is the prime example of the sound that Boon has developed.

A song about toxic love and the disillusionment that occurs through out the wrong type of relationship, Can’t Be Love explores feelings of insecurity, and insignificance. The electronic melody serves the songs somber tone with deep rich sounds. A dance track percussion gives the song an energy and the effect driven rock guitar rhythm serves the alt/rock vocal style and lyrics in telling the story, of a relationship and feeling that simply put, Can’t Be Love.

Boon, an eighteen year old writer, singer, mixer, producer, and master of all his own music, is impressive to say the least. To have such prowess at such a young age, is rare. To boot, the artist even shoots and produces all his own videos. The talented Boon has immersed himself into music since a very young age, as his father works with Carrie Underwood as her lead-guitarist.

The talent of Boon is clear through his music and the fact that he has been featured on multiple playlists and platforms like, Spotify’s “New Music Friday”, “Fresh Finds”, “hyperpop”, “Salt”, and Apple’s “Alternative” playlists. Boon has already found a considerable measure of success, although the young prodigy is merely beginning to solidify his position and claim in new wave music. Keep an eye and an ear out for Boon’s music and videos!

Listen to more music from Boon, here:

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