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Borderline- New Genre Blurring Single By Artist, Rei

New Zealand based artist/singer/song–writer, REI, shows off ALL his talents in his newest single, ‘Borderline‘. Multi-faceted REI, who is known for his high energy songs, is maintaining that perception with his newest release, mixing an exciting Hip–Hop/R&B drum beat and vocal melody with some Acoustic/Indie guitar riff melodies. This mix brings the artist back to his roots, returning from much success in the New Zealand music scene as a Hip–Hop/R&B artist (sometimes singing in English, sometimes in Maori), with a laid back singer–songwriter style, Indie jam, that still has that good ol’ feeling of the former.

Borderline‘ is a tune about the thin line, we all know too well, between being “in love” and being “in lust“. It’s a scary place! “I like this person, I want to spend time with them and have fun…BUT am I ready to give it my all and be vulnerable?…”. These are the truly tough questions we must ask ourselves, and REI does, in his new single.  “Borderline is about that space between a full on relationship and a casual fling. That space where you want to keep seeing someone, but you’re also scared sh*tless of relationships and heart break because of past trauma.”– says REI of his newest track.

A total JAM, ‘Borderline‘ sports a quick snappy 1-2 beat, Hip–Hop drums, and a purposely choppy-yet refined acoustic guitar melody. Together, they serve as a perfect bed for some smooth as butter vocals and extremely catchy ear-worm lyrics like “no more keep it casual, no more keep it shallow, lets get deep” and “you know the deal, no catching feelings, just keep em’ locked away…oh shit, I think I caught some, it’s probably not love, but hey…I think it’s borderline” that when blended and served together, are sure to satisfy anyone’s pallet and have your neck bending to the beat.

Borderline’ also includes co-writing credits from Djeisan Suskov (Benee, Leisure) one of the core writers for New Zealand pop sensation Benee. There is a TMS Remix, coming soon!

Listen to more from REI, here:

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