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Braden The Young Drops New 90's Inspired Single, "Luck"

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Braden The Young is a multi-faceted DIY producer and artist, hailing from Kansas City, MO and living in Portland, OR. Braden not only self-recorded his new single, he sang lead vocals and played all the instruments on the record which was released on the label, Middleborn, that he co-founded with his friend Mark Francis. After receiving his first guitar at age 12, Braden spent his high school and college years writing and recording music, in bands. With a knack for melding genres, Braden The Young's compositions have been featured in a host of different media platforms, from television, to streaming services like Netflix, and even national advertising campaigns.

"Luck" is the first single release, from Braden, since 2020 and is a high-energy 90's inspired tune, sprinkled with powerful rock and pop influence. Lyrically, the track is an anthem, with a message. Conveying the theme of living genuinely, the lyrics are a satirical protest against the societal tendency to be absorbed with media and mainstream entertainment. "I don't need luck, when I got all my friends around me", is the first line of the chorus, as well as the backbone of the song. The composition is uplifting, both lyrically and sonically and together, the two mediums create a fun Alt/Pop jam. Braden mixes creativity through an eclectic group of genre influenced and heavily "throwback" inspired melodies.

To Braden, the most important part of his musical journey, is building a community of artists. Through the Middleborn label, Braden The Young has curated a circle of talented artists that have also become some of his closest friends. The artist is well-known throughout the Kansas City and Portland music scenes for working collaboratively, and will undoubtedly deliver fantastic new music, both himself and through his label.

Listen to more like Braden the Young here:

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