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BRKN BLVD Drops Heartfelt Dad Bop "Better (Dexter's Song)"

NYC-based singer/songwriter BRKN BLVD has been keeping his foot on the gas since launching his new solo project back in March. Having so far been able to deliver on his promise of a new single every 6 weeks, today he is back once again with his fourth installment - certified dad bop, "Better (Dexter's Song)".

Written for his 6 year-old son Dexter, BRKN BLVD poured his heart into his latest single, ensuring that even when he is long gone, this tune will be there for his son. While the sentiment may sound a bit cheesy, the new tune is anything but, maintaining a high-energy and emotive grit that keeps the listener entertained from beginning to end. Beneath the surface, the words cut deep and ring with an honesty that is hard to overlook while the melodies and performance help to distract from the somewhat sad and melancholic, yet heartfelt and utterly sincere lyrics.

About the song, BRKN BLVD says, “This is hands down my favorite thing I have ever written. While all of my songs mean a lot to me, “Better”, is the only one that has made me cry... The more I listen, the more I realize that this reads like one giant apology... I am flawed, but despite all that is wrong with me, I try my hardest every day to give him my best version of myself. All I can hope for is that he continues to be the amazing human that he has been since day one and that when I am gone he knows without a doubt I did the very best I can for him.

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