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Broken Bellows Release New LP ‘Kaleidoscope’

Sometimes, the end of one era is just the spark you need to keep on keeping on – just ask Broken Bellows.  Cory Brent and Will Prinzi were members of the Pop-Punk band Reckless Serenade – a rising group that was making waves and touring nationally before it all came crashing down.  Born on the road while the other band members were fast asleep, Broken Bellows was an escape for the duo who found solace in experimenting with production and crafting anthemic hooks.

The duos first release came as, “The Card Table EP”, released by Fervor Records in August of last year.  Built around a laptop from sessions in their NYC apartment, Broken Bellows continues to craft intriguing and captivating tracks while still maintaining their Pop-Punk roots. 

This year marks another big mile stone for the duo, who last month dropped their debut full-length project, “I, Kaleidoscope”.  The 11 track project is a free flowing, beautifully crafted release that spans genres, tempos and structures.  One thing is for sure and is evident in every track on the project – these two guys know how to write a song.  The lead single, “Somebody New”, is probably the most familiar for the group, bringing perfectly punk vibes with an uplifting pop feel.

Driving basslines, bright melodies and a memorable hook make this a stand out track from the project.  Catchy, fun and energetic – this one will be staying in my playlists for some time, but do yourself a favor and check out the full project below.

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