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Bruno Martini Teams up with Timbaland for ‘Road’ [VIDEO]

Brazilian musician, vocalist and producer Bruno Martini has been on a roll lately and is showing no signs of letting up.  Having already amassed over 500 million streams, on his catalog worldwide, and while his last single, “Sun Goes Down“, is still climbing the global charts, he is back once again with a new single and video.

This time the promising young artist has teamed up with acclaimed hit maker and international superstar, Timbaland, for his new release, “Road“, featuring vocals from Johnny Franco.  While you would expect to hear some influence from Timbo, that is not really the case here, but the track remains a solid representation of what Bruno Martini is all about – good vibes.

With Johnny Franco leading the way ok vocals, the track is bright and melodic, relying on guitar, drums, bass and some synth elements to create the soundscape.  Blending elements from Country, Rock and Blues is nothing new, most notable with Avicii making waves with a similar sound on his debut album, “True“, but the track is still clean, dynamic, uplifting and all around well done.

The accompanying video is well shot and playful, adding some nice visuals to match the songs overall energy.  While this single may not be groundbreaking, it is yet another great release for Bruno Martini and a nice addition to his growing catalog.

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