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Calby releases Soulful jam “Burnout”

Calby is one of the hottest new acts to come out of Denmark and might just be what the US market needs; with soulful vocals that crossover well to the mainstream, Calby stands apart from the rest. His full-length debut album, Burnout, via Republic Records, is a refreshing and well constructed introduction for the danish vocalist, producer, and instrumentalist. The title track, “Burnout”, is a colorful and gratifying tune that takes listeners to a familiar place, but nevertheless, remains fresh and intensely captivating. With more than twenty million streams under his belt, and multiple major award nominations in Denmark and the rest of the EU, Calby is certainly one of the most exciting rising stars in any regard. 

“Burnout” begins on an introspective note, centered around Calby’s soulful vocal tone. Quickly however, the track begins to jump out of your speakers or headphones; jaunty guitar sparks the start of something vaguely familiar, the kind of groove that can be likened to that of St. Paul and the Broken Bones or other notable soul rockers. The sentiment within “Burnout” reflects a unique kind of exhaustion; that unsteady feeling of wavering faith. However, Calby maintains that if he can hold on for at least one more night it will all be worthwhile, and conversely if faith is lost for “just one night” all could be lost. “Burnout” is centered around this idea, of maintaining the strength to push on no matter what, no matter how exhausted you may be. Calby’s vocal tone radiates with energy and offers an inspiring jumping off point, a capsule of energy, that inspires all to do their best. This funky pop-soul tune offers more and more upon each listen, a testament to both its well formulated songwriting and the authenticity of Calby’s performance. If you like this jam then you’ll certainly love the rest of Burnout. Keep an eye out for Calby moving forward, and if you find yourself in Denmark consider stepping out to see him perform around the country throughout September and October.

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