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California Sister Duo Joyner Release Chill AF Dream Pop Jam ‘White Lights’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from California, sister duo Joyner have recently released a new tune and video for, “White Lights”, and is is a dreamy and ethereal  Indie Pop jam.

From a young age, Summer and Torrey Joyner learned to play several instruments, performing and writing together, leading to where they are today.  In 2017 they officially launched Joyner, ready to show the world what they have been working their whole life for.  

On their new tune, the bond between them is undeniable – not knowing where one voice ends and the other begins, they meld together beautifully beneath catchy melodies and beautiful harmonies.  The production remains pretty low key throughout, verbed out keys mix with ambient textures while some drums and percussion keep the groove.

The Dream Pop jam really focuses on the vocals, airy and enchanting, they carry the tune from beginning to end.  As the tune picks up, the vocals do the same, delivering just enough attitude to make it connect a bit more.  The emotional tune does a great job of pulling the listener in and making them feel – one way or another.

Check it out.

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