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Callen Releases His Reflective New Hit “What Could I Do”

Tugging at your heartstrings, pop artist Callen releases his latest hit “What Could I Do” to reflect on the way things in the past could have been handled differently. The direct reflection of his youth talks about how he wishes he didn’t take life so seriously when growing up. The introspective new track leads with a steady drum beat that lays seamlessly beneath his soft yet buoyant vocal delivery. While also bringing up the necessity of closure, “What Could I Do” questions how things could have been different had he approached them from a clearer lens. The two reflections lead to the chorus where he confronts the anxiety that comes with heartbreak and the things that at the end of the day, were entirely out of his control. The aggressively honest track will prove relatable to many and we are so excited to see what Callen comes out with next.

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